Welcome to our site. Laura and I have enjoyed spending countless hours talking about our collection and searching eBay, card shows, forums, and auction sites for the many cards you have the pleasure of viewing on our site. We are both baseball fans and can’t wait to be able to be season ticket holders of which ever team we end up living near. Buying is our primary focus, selling occurs every once in a while, and we really enjoy trading with fellow collectors. Modern cards rest primarily with Laura while I am the vintage and pre-war collector. Do not hesitate sending us a message if you see something you are interested in adding to your personal collection.


Bailen 71

Our First Booklet

About Laura

There isn’t much to know about me. I’m a tennis player and a runner. I played Division I Tennis at The University of Akron and have run 6 marathons. I love music, animals, and sports. I like too many artists to name but 2 of my favorites are Michael W. Smith and Kenny Chesney. I am very passionate about animals and Steven and I are proud members of The Friends of The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, a group that supports the Columbus zoo by volunteering, fundraising, public awareness, and community outreach. We are also big Columbus Blue Jackets fan as Steven and I were Full Season Ticket Holders for the first time during the 2014-2015 season. We have an amazing pug named Bailey.

I collect modern cards. I am really interested in Columbus Blue Jackets hockey cards and that is what I have been focusing on recently. I also collect Peyton Manning and Colt McCoy football cards. My love of the hobby started with baseball cards and I collect Brandon Webb and Huston Street baseball cards. You’ll notice on the website that there are other baseball players that I collect as well as I just love the sport. Last but most certainly not least, I love Roger Federer and am always looking for Federer cards or memorabilia.

About Steven


Here is a little about me (Steven). I’m an electrical engineer that has never worked as a true electrical engineer. Spending most of my time in OEM equipment manufacturing for the steel industry while attending college left me a skill set most engineers do not have. My experience has got me farther than my degree has these past few years.

As you will see with my collections I am a pre-war and vintage card collector. Being a huge history buff I gravitated to the early years of baseball when Laura and I started collecting again. Since there are so many unique types of cards in the pre-war era my collection will begin to look more an more like a nice 19th and early 20th century type set.