I’m a Yankees fan, but my wife is a Reds fan……let’s put together a nice Reds tobacco cards team set. Starting with only T206 in 2014, I’ve added T205 and T207 to the search in 2015. Help fill up the gaps if you can.

T205 Gold Border Team Set

Currently 3/14 with 3 Different Backs (15 Known)

 Bob BescherT205 Bob Bescher: SC Brown No. 42, 2nd Dist NC  Tom Downey Dick Egan
 Art Fromme  Harry GasperT205 Harry Gasper: SOV No. 25, 2nd Dist VA Ed Grant
 Clark Griffith  Dick Hoblitzell: No Stats Dick Hoblitzell: Cin. After 2nd 1908DickHoblitzell2nd
 Dick Hoblitzell: Name Incorrect  Dick Hoblitzell: Name Correct Larry McLean
 Mike Mitchell  George Suggs

T206 White Border Team Set

Currently 14/23 with 10 Different Backs (33 Known)

 Bob Bescher: Hands in Air  Bob Bescher: PortraitT206 Bob Bescher Portrait: Polar Bear Billy CampbellT206 Billy Campbell: Piedmont 350 No. 25
 Tom Downey: BattingT206 Tom Downey Batting: Old Mill  Tom Downey: FieldingT206 Tom Downey Fielding: SC 350 No. 30 Jean DubucT206 Jean Dubuc: Piedmont 350 No. 25
 Dick EganT206 Dick Egan: Piedmont 350 No. 25  Bob Ewing Art Fromme
 Harry Gasper  Clark Griffith: BattingT206 Clark Griffith Batting: AB 350 No Frame No. 25 Clark Griffith: Portrait

T206 Clark Griffith Portrait: SC 150 No. 30

 Dick HoblitzellT206 Dick Hoblitzell: SV 350 No. 25  Miller Huggins: Hands at Mouth Miller Huggins: PortraitHugginsPortraitT206
 Ed KargerT206 Ed Karger: Piedmont 150 No. 25  Hans Lobert Larry McLean
 Mike Mitchell


 Mike Mowrey Rebel Oakes
 Dode PaskertT206 Dode Paskert: SV 350 No. 25  Bob SpadeT206 Bob Spade: Piedmont 150 No. 25

T207 Brown Background Team Set

Currently 4/10 with 3 Different Backs (7 Known)

 Rafael AlmeidaT207 Rafael Almeida: Red Cycle  Robert Bescher Tommy Clarke

Tom Clarke SGC 60

 Art Fromme  Armando Marsans Larry McLean
 Mike Mitchell  Art PhelanT207 Art Phelan: Broadleaf No. 25 Hank SevereidT207Severeid
 Frank Smith